Monday, 9 September 2013

''How i was tricked into p*rn'' – Nollywood Actor

Nollywood Actor Charles Inojie explains how he was tricked into starring in a prnogrphic movie. Some time ago, a  senior colleague at work invited me to be part of his new production.

 For over 15 years, he was unable to shoot a single  movie as things were not going smooth for him, he was staging a comeback and needed my assistance. We've known each other for several years and as an undergraduate,  coming to Lagos those days to attend auditions, he was one of the foremost directors in Nollywood then.

 It was quite impossible for me to have refused to support his return to the Movie industry.

That was how I saw myself starring in that movie, which was no ordinary movie but an adult movie.

 To embrace my sympathy, he narrated how a marketer once declined his film simply because he did not feature familiar faces in the film. I appeared in few scenes in the movie which was shot in three days. I have no idea whatsoever concerning what lewed scenes he had previously shot.

Honestly, I  find it hard to understand why he decided to shoot such movie. I think he took his desperation too far.

 I’m actually surprised that he used my face to promote pornography because the very day I saw the movie jacket, I knew something was wrong with it. There was no way I could have been part of the movie  if I knew from the out set that what he has shot was something close to an adult film.

He went on to explain his  wife’s reaction about the movie....

I'm grateful to God that I got married to my friend. I try my best to be truthful to my spouse. She saw the movie and got convinced that my character was not in any way connected with those dirty scenes in the movie. In fact, she has nothing whatsoever to be angry about.
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