Thursday, 16 May 2013

Know The Exact No. Of Blocks, Cement And Sand Required

Are you planning to start a new building (bungalow)? Are you tired of contractors over estimating materials for your building? Do you want to save more cash, do you want 2 know the exact amount to erect your bungalow? Do you want to know the exact number of bags of cement required, trips of sand, concretes, rods etc? Do you want quality and standards affected in your building? If your answer is yes, then welcome on board. Technology is advancing by the day. There is software that is new in town that calculates all the information listed above and gives you the exact and accurate number of materials needed to build a bungalow. The software is a virgin one in Nigeria and it can't be found anywhere online or elsewhere. It was developed by few students here in Nigeria (me and my friends did). This software can also be used by contractors to know the exact materials needed for building a bungalow. For now, we just developed this software for bungalow but we are at work developing for duplex, bridges, markets, etc. Which will be out in the next couple of months? We are not selling this software yet so it’s not in the market neither is it online. If you need to know the exact materials needed for your bungalow, all you need do is send me your ''bungalow'' full building plan via and the exact materials needed and their current price will be sent to you at very little token. This will save you lots of money that won't be wasted. This would equally help contractors to be more accurate and more professional.
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