Sunday, 9 June 2013

Dear LIB readers: Where's the best place to meet single, available men in Lagos?

From a female LIB reader:
Can you ask your male readers the best places and ways to meet single available men?
I last went on a decent date like 4 years ago & after returning to Nigeria from my postgrad it's been a major struggle getting to meet handsome, inspiring cool guys. Men who like outdoor sports, hiking & camping, the beach swimming or building their own kitchen cabinets. I work in the middle of a financial and IT hub on the island with numerous banks and telecom offices around, I see some good looking guys occasionally when I go out to lunch but that's where it ends. With most of my friends not in the country and others married & busy with their families, having a girls night out is like pulling tooth from the very few available female friends I have got left. I have lately been getting the wrong attention from men I don't like even though I tried keeping them as platonic friends which never works out, till I realized I have not being proactive in choosing the men that approach me but yet I keep complaining and I want to change all that. Please help
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