Sunday, 9 June 2013

I didn’t fight Ebube, Empress over Timaya — Anita Joseph

My name is Anita Joseph. I am an actress, a musician and a model. I am from Anambra State.
Journey into acting
I started acting in 2005. I was at the University of Calabar and saw a friend who was acting. I told her I wanted to act and she promised taking me to the National Theatre whenever I came to Lagos. She did when I came to Lagos and I had my audition with Emeka Rollas. Then, I did my first movie, ‘Good Samaritan’ with Obi Maduaga. That one-scene role was not too short and it kick-started my acting career.
Life of an actress
It is a queer life because there is no privacy. Everything you do and say is made public. Any man you date is published on the pages of magazines/newspapers. It is a life that lacks privacy. Though interesting, there are times you don’t want to have your pictures splashed everywhere. I sing, I am a model and I’m sexy. So many people say lots of negative things about me. I am not bothered. I have grown a thick skin. It only makes me stronger because I didn’t do those things.
Handling fans
I treat my fans like friends. Fans are important in this profession because they make or mar you. You have to be careful with your fans. Embarrassed by fans? Yes, I remember when a man slapped my buttocks! I acted in a film and the role was that of a lady sleeping with many men. After the film, a man walked up to me and said he liked the way I shook my buttocks in the movie. He wondered if that was how I shake it in real life. I was embarrassed.
Dating fans
There is nothing wrong dating someone who loves and adores you. I have dated some of my fans. The best person to date, sometimes, is your fan. He loves what you are doing and you can act for him at home.
I like men who are calm, calculated and someone I can learn from. I like a responsible man who talks well. I cannot stick loud-mouthed men.

Anita and controversies
I don’t believe that. I am not a controversial actress. On Ebube Nwagbo and Empress Njamah, the story was that I dated Timaya and KC Fresh, and fought with these actresses over these men. I never had any trouble with them over any man. We have never worked together on set.
I love to sing and currently, I am compiling my works. My inspiration is from everything around me— nature, human beings, animals, etc.
I wear whatever suits me or fits into any occasion I am attending. Also, my mood and the occasion determine what I wear. I love short gowns and bum shorts. I like it when people look at me; it makes me feel good. If you are a lady and nobody looks at you, then you should go back and look at your mirror.
Me and tattoos
I love tattoos. Though painful, beauty comes with pains too. I have tattoos in some areas of my body and I keep having more. It is so addictive.
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