Wednesday, 5 June 2013

“I Don’t Care about the Opinion of Others” Actress/Model Kendra Etufunwa Speaks to BN on her Controversial Style

A few words that come to mind when you mention the name, Kendra Etufunwa – crazy, sexy, sassy, outrageous and scandalous. But, that’s not all she’s about.
Kendra Erufunwa is the actress who climbed into our lives with her sinister character Adanna on the M-Net hit TV series Jacob’s Cross. But, she actually started her career in modelling after a scout spotted her in the 2006 edition of The Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria. And from then on, we’ve seen her in such international magazines as Elle, Glamour and Cosmopolitan and even in a Lacoste advert.
From modelling, Kendra found a way to sneak herself into the movie industry and has wow’d us since the moment we found her. While on a holiday, she was called in for an interview by the producers of Jacob’s Cross and her performance was so impressive she ended up a leading lady in the hit series.
What really wooed us by Kendra is how shocking she never ceases to be on runways and red carpets. Needless to say that she always catches everyone’s attention with her style as she endlessly and now seemingly effortlessly, pushes boundaries.
At BN Style, we love exploring expressions through fashion and Kendra was definitely on our radar. So, in this new series of celebrity style spotlight posts, we’ll get the style scoop from the celebrities themselves. Jennifer Obiuwevbi of BN Style spoke to Kendra about her sense of fashion, and what makes her style different from the rest.
People have described your style as racy, edgy and bold. What do you describe it as?
I would describe my style as young, trendy, fashion forward and fresh. In summary let’s just say my style can also be described as ‘I don’t care about the opinion of others‘.
If you could steal 3 Celebrity closets, whose would they be?
None…I’m completely happy with the way I perceive style for me & my body type.
Would you say your boyfriend has some influence on your style choices? Especially your red carpet looks.
Haha…you’re funny. I don’t think anyone really influences my style. It really does depend on my mood, the occasion & options available.
Can you list 5 must haves for every girl?
- Definitely a little black dress and throw in a sexy red dress as well
- A killer pair of heels
- To-die-for lingerie
- Nude pumps (very important because it makes your legs look longer)
- Statement accessories

It’s clear you’re not afraid to show a little skin, has that ever gotten you into trouble? You know – scandals, wardrobe malfunctions, disorderly conduct warnings?
I’m definitely not afraid to show some skin, because I can. Trouble? scandals? you know that if I ever did, BellaNaija would have been the first to know.
We’ve seen you rock brave colours of lipstick and daring make up looks. Can you give tips on how to wear them?
I love my dark lipsticks. No scratch that, I’m addicted to them. I think the best way to rock brave lipstick colours is first to understand your face/lips and what works for you. Also your lips need to be moisturised all the time.
Pointer: Nipple cream is very good for maintaining healthy soft lips *Thank me later*
For make-up, less is always more. You can never go wrong with simple eye liner and a great bronzer for your cheekbones and décolletage.
Knowing a lot of your skin is going to show in some of your daring outfits, how do you keep it looking flawless?
I take really good care of my skin. I drink a lot of water, take lots of vitamins, basically overdose on SPF (extremely important). I eat healthy and I work out.

You’ve won a lot of fans as ‘Adanna’ on Jacob’s Cross, would we be seeing you on the big screen any time soon?
I have been on the big screen, recently shot a movie with discovery network. The film is called ‘Inside story’. It’s a feature film which is based on the science of HIV. It premiered here, Angola, South Africa and in Washington DC. To the other question – yes, you are definitely going to see me in more movies. I’m working on some exciting new projects, so just keep calm and stay tuned.
Your character on Jacob’s Cross – ‘Adanna’ is fierce, sexy and sinister and as a result has you acting in very raunchy scenes. Do you think ‘Adanna’ has become an extension of you? And, with that in mind, do any of those scenes ever make you cringe?
Bear in mind that when you act, you take on a different persona. My role on Jacob’s Cross has nothing to do with my personality. What makes one a great actress is the ability to make a scene (whether raunchy or not) a great one. So no, no scene ever made me cringe. I get uncomfortable at first, but that’s about it.
Who are your Celebrity crushes?
Michael Ealy…Oh yes please!
Is there any fashion trend happening now that you completely hate?
None that I can think of to be completely honest.
What would you say has been your worst red carpet look?
As far as I know, none. But I’m sure there are other people out there that will have something to say.
Before we forget, your striking new blonde hair reminds us a bit of Anne Hathaway at the Met Ball. What was the inspiration for the bold change?
Honestly, growing up, I always loved to play dress up and play with my looks. I’m all about changes and I’ve never been scared of it. I’m all about pushing boundaries and I love thinking out of the box. I’ve always wanted something different from my big locks and so I came up with this. You never know, I might be a brunette tomorrow.
Let’s talk about your accessories. We see you with a lot of chain necklaces and gold earrings. Is this a preference and why? If not, tell us how you accessorize.
My chain necklaces are one of my trademarks. I love them, can’t do without them. They make a statement!
Since you’re also a Model, whose runway would you love to strut and who are your favourite Nigerian designers?
I would definitely love to strut the runway for Zac Posen. His collections are to die for. There are quite a number of really talented Nigerian artistes and I think a lot of them are really brilliant, but I’ve got to say I love pieces from Deola Sagoe.
A huge thank you to Kendra for doing this interview. From BN, we wish her all the best in her future endeavours!
Also, as you share your thoughts, please let us know which Nigerian celebrities you would love to see in future Celebrity style spotlight posts.

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