Monday, 3 June 2013

Murray opens up on public image

He was the pride of Britain last year after winning the US Open and the gold in the London Olympics men’s singles.
However, Andy Murray admits he is still unsure over how he is perceived by the public after previously being accused of being ‘sulky’ by some of his critics.
While like many of his contemporaries he is feisty and ambitious on centre court, Andy insists he isn’t aggressive when it comes to his life away from the sport.
As he poses for the July issue of British GQ magazine, the 26-year-old said, “As a person, I’d say I’m fairly relaxed.”
“I am still extremely motivated and driven when it comes to my sport, but I wouldn’t say I’m an angry person. People might think I am aggressive, but I have never punched anyone in my life.”
He acknowledged he found it hard to hide his disappointment whenever he loses, admitting he does ‘put a lot of pressure of myself’.

When it comes to his public image, Andy says he strives to be the best athlete he can be, but concedes he doesn’t feel comfortable during TV interviews.
He said, “I would say that I am different from what a lot of people think I am like.
“What would bother me is if the people around me started telling me that I had begun changing, being an a**e, or something.”

He is also aware of letting his country down when he has failed to win Wimbledon, despite getting to the final last year.
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