Monday, 3 June 2013

Swimming Fantasy! Yvonne Nelson Goes Swimmy-Bikini On Wow Magazine Covers

Hello all, I’d rather we go with Yvonne ‘Hotson’. Just find it in your heart to excuse me…
Wow magazine definitely had trouble in their minds when they came up with the idea for the covers of their latest edition. If the above picture didn’t play enough with your senses, then let’s do with words.
Staring right at you from the covers is Yvonne Nelson, the Ghanaian diva and the proud possessor of murderously throat-hanging legs. With an expression that seeks to confound you, the spectre of the Ghanaian diva comes to you, nudging at the soft center of your core, her charm is timeless, ageless, and befitting of the immortal inhabitants of Mt. Olympus. Behind her is hypnosis, conveyed by the water. Wow! That’s what you long to say, as your spirit begins to lose its defence, tricking you into believing that Yvonne is what you want, what you need, a remedy to cure all aches…but then it’s not your fault. We understand, and we feel the same way too.

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