Sunday, 12 May 2013

Friends, Nollywood, Govt Abandoned Me, Says Ailing Actor Peter Bunor

Nollywood actor and one of the industry’s patriarchs and pioneer role interpreters Peter Bunor has been to death and back since he was struck by a deadly stroke.

His state of health presently is so bad to the extent that except help comes to him urgently, the industry may witness the loss of another star actor after Enebeli Enebuwa. To many who know how bad his health conditions have been in the last one year, his being alive today is a miracle.
There are even rumors that he has kicked the bucket. However, Bunor is alive but not a happy man.
Reason being the ill treatment he has suffered in the hands of former colleagues in the makebelive industry. The Ogwashi Uku, Delta State born actor who narrated his ordeal in tears recently, said he is bitter with his colleagues and pray for God to touch their hearts.

He revealed how everyone including some of the young actors and actresses he mentored in the industry have abandoned him simply because of ill health.
The actor who spoke to Vanguard Arts in Asaba, where he is recuperating also expressed his disappointment with Delta State government , which he accused of also ignoring him.
Concerning his plans to reaching Delta State Government for assistance he said : “ I want to speak with the State Governor and I believe he is a wonderful man. He has a great passion for all Deltans. But I am still trying my best to see how I could reach Governor Uduaghan, which has not been possible. I believe that if I can have access to him, he will do something for me. Since this thing happened there has been no single actor that called me to ask about my condition. It is a shame on their part. Would they say they don’t know that I am sick?’
Sick Bunor also said that since his travails started last year that he hasn’t even received a common phone call from any of his former colleges not to talk of assistance.

He said that his colleagues rather prefer to hear his obituary news or any other bad news as they have started spreading rumor that he is dead.

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